Final Accident Investigation Results of Paul Walker


Los Angeles County Coroner ( LACC ) finally report the final cause of the crash that killed Paul Walker last November 2013 . Speed ​​of the car while driving is a major cause of the accident .

As reported by Carscoop , the results of the investigation outlined in the 15- page report , which mentions that the Porsche Carrera GT driven by colleagues Paul , namely Roger Rodas at speeds over 160 km per hour before crashing into a tree .

” For unknown reasons the driver then lost control and spun , then moving to the southeast . Car suddenly crashed into the driver’s side of the sidewalk and hit a tree , ” said deputy LACC .

As a result of the collision the car back rotates 180 degrees until it stops due to hit the tree , then the car was on fire . The autopsy also mentions , Walker and Rodas clean from drugs and alcohol content when the accident occurred .

Walker died before the smoke out and burned . While Rodas was killed by a violent collision with a blunt object in the head , neck and chest trauma .

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